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Septic/Pump Station
Cleaning & Servicing

QuickDrain provides septic tank and pump station cleaning/servicing for both residential and commercial applications.

Septic tank cleaning and servicing​-

Its extremely important to maintain your septic system to avoid any costly repairs. By cleaning your septic system every 2-3 years you are removing bacteria sludge that forms on the top and settles on the bottom. This will prevent it from leaching into your drain field causing it to fail.

Pump station preventative maintenance-

We use high pressure water jets and a vacuum truck to remove all grease, grit, and sludge that forms on the walls, floats and base of the pumps. By maintaining regular preventative maintenance you will keep your pump and pump station operating as designed. 

Grease Trap

QuickDrain provides professional grease trap maintenance on both interior and exterior grease traps.

Servicing your grease traps on a regular schedule is extremely important. They will not function as designed without routine maintenance and will become coated with grease. When this happens the waste water will become restricted causing backups and costly repairs.

Please call us and we will be happy to discuss the service level best suited for your needs. 

Line Jetting, Snaking
& Cleaning
Line Snaking_edited.png

QuickDrain provides line jetting, snaking, and cleaning. 


Line Jetting-


By cleaning the walls of your pipes with high pressure water you rid them of any soap, grease, or sludge build up that could cause backups. If you have a blockage we'll clear it, if you want to prevent it we'll clean it. 

Preventive maintenance is recommended to be done every two years for residential. Commercial buildings or restaurants should be done quarterly or biannually. 

Line Snaking-

Untreated roots will cause paper products and solids to remain in the lines creating blockages and unsanitary backups.To remove these roots, we use a high-speed root cutter to clear them from your line.

Recommend preventative maintenance is annually. 


QuickDrain provides certified and licensed Inspectors for all your

residential and commercial needs.

Before purchasing your new home, invest in peace of mind with our professional certified septic inspection.

Our certified septic inspections consist of 

  • We first uncover your septic tank to inspect the inlet and outlet lines and baffles

  • The tank is then pumped and inspected for any cracks and or deterioration to ensure no structural deficiencies

  • Both the inlet and outlet lines are then video inspected

  • The distribution box is located and inspected for any possible deterioration or evidence of system failure

  • Each lateral line throughout the drain field is video inspected for proper drainage

  • After the complete inspection has been performed, a written inspection and video is provided 

Line Jetting_edited.png
Catch Basin/Storm Drain Cleaning

QuickDrain provides residential and commercial storm drain cleaning. 

Catch Basin/Storm Drain-

We use an industrial vactor truck with a high pressure water jet to wash and remove all debris. 

Catch basins and storm drains should be maintained yearly to remove any sand, grit, or any other debris that could cause blockage in the outflow.

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